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iTunes Coming to Cell Phones

ITunes will soon be available on cell phones from Motorola. Apple recently announced that they will make software that will enable Motorola cell phone users to download iTunes and play them on their phones. The downloads will be available in Apple's AAC format. To get the songs on their cell phones, users will have to download the songs to their computer first and then transfer them to their cell phones via USB or Bluetooth.

The software that will enable iTunes downloads will most likely not be available for existing cell phones. The software will only be available on new phones sometime next year.

Apple is trying to stay competitve against next-generation cell phones and handheld devices. Some phone manufacturers already have phones that will play MP3s and movies. With the ability to hold only several hours worth of songs, cell phones will most likely not compete with the Apple iPod.

Cell phone users really like newly available technologies. If iTune enabled cell phones are accepted like cell phone cameras, they will be wildly popular and other cell phone manufacturers will try to imitate Motorola's example.

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