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Cell Phone Number Directory

Cell phone number directory - Information about a new directory assistance feature.

A cell phone number directory will be available early next year. This will allow mobile phone users to simply call directory assistance (411) to get a another person's cell phone number.

The cell phone number directory will be compiled by the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CT&IA). Those who would like to be included in the mobile phone number directory will have to opt-in.

Unlike landline customers, cell phone users will not have to pay a fee to keep their wirless phone number private. Additionally, the cell phone number directory will not be available in print or via the Internet. The only way to get a mobile phone number will be by calling directory assistance.

While many businesses and professionals endorse the cell phone number directory, regular users cringe at the thought of their cell phone numbers being made public. The main opposition that regular users have is that they fear the directory will somehow be made available to telemarketers.

This a great concern due to the billing structure used by cell phone carriers. Cell phone users are billed even when others call them. Thus, telemarketers could run up the bills of users by simply calling them.

Most cell phone service providers don't seem to have any problems with a mobile phone number directory. Six major national cell phone service providers have already agreed to take part in the formation of the wireless directory. The carriers that have agreed are:

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