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Cell Phone Ringtones

Ringtones are an easy way to personalize your phone.

Cell phones, like cars and houses, are items that can be personalized. Downloading cell phone ringtones is one of the easiest ways to personalize a cell phone. Ringtones are available in several different formats, with polyphonic being the most popular.

Guide to Loading Cingular Ringtones

Most cellular phones sold have several ringing options. These options allow a user to set a different ringtone for different call groups. For instance, a personal call will have ringtone 1, while a business call will have ringtone 2. This makes it easier to identify who is calling without looking at the phone's screen. To set these options up is simple. Most mobile phone manuals will walk you through the process. While setting your cell phone ringtones, listen for something that is unique - not your basic ring - but will not be annoying.

It is embarrassing enough for your cell phone to ring when you are in a quiet public place (library), but it may be even worse if it is playing a universally recognizable song like Dancing Queen. If the cellular phone is used for business, you should also consider using a regular ringtone that suits the business atmosphere you are in.

Most cell phones come from the manufacturer with a number of installed ringtones, and these can be great to get you started. If you are really interested in snappy tunes to spice up your phone, consider buying ringtones. Many web sites offer cheap ringtones that will allow you to experiment with what you like best. Shop around, most sites offer ringtones for 99 cents or less. Also, be sure to check your service provider's website, they will sometimes offer ringtones to customers at a discounted rate.

Changing your cell phone ringtone is easy and encouraged. Set yourself apart from the crowd. Some songs, like Fur Elise and Jingle Bells at Christmas time are immensely popular, but you will be checking your phone along with dozens of other people every time the phone rings. Whatever your personality and needs, there is a ringtone available to suit your taste.

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