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Free Ringtones

Free ringtones are the new rage among cell phone owners. Like cars, homes and other items, people like to customize their phone to match their personal tastes. Perhaps the easiest way to personalize a cellular phone is to download ringtones.

Guide to Loading Cingular Ringtones

Most new cellular phones come with numerous ringtones to choose from. However, these ringtones are usually just about the same on every wireless phone. By downloading or creating a ringtone a person can set their phone apart from the crowd. This not only makes the ringtone different from other cell phones, but it's also easier to hear the phone ring in a crowded room.

Because ringtones have become so popular, it's very easy to find them on the Internet. Most ringtone websites allow a person to download a polyphonic ringtone for a price of about $1. When a ringtone is purchased, it's usually delivered to the phone wirelessly. After receiving the ringtone, the cellular phone owner usually only has to set the ringtone as the default to make it work. Ringtones are an easy and fun way to personalize your cell phone, so check them out and have some fun!

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