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No Credit Check Cell Phones

Everyone's approved for no credit check cell phone plans. This isn't the case with cellular phone plans from large service providers. As you may have encountered, large cell phone service providers check your credit when you sign up for their service.

If someone has less than ideal credit, he or she will find that they may be denied service or have to pay hundreds of dollars up front to get a cell phone. This is why no credit check cell phones are becoming so popular. People enjoy getting a mobile phone and reliable service without having their credit checked.

No Credit Check Advantages

No credit check cell phones provide several conveniences over typical plan coverage. First, no credit check cell phones mean that you won't get a bill each month. This is because no credit check cell phone plans usually have pay-as-you-go service. This means you pay for airtime minutes prior to using them. Additionally, you can switch service providers as often as you like because you are not locked into a contract.

Who are these plans suitable for?

Cellular phone plans that don't require a credit check are suitable for a few different types of callers. First, and most obvious, no credit check plans are suitable for those who have less than ideal credit. Second, those who use a wireless phone very little opt for these plans because they save them a lot of money. Lastly, no credit check phones are suitable for teenagers. This type of plan limits the minutes a teenager can use making it impossible for them to run up a huge bill.

Where can I purchase this type of plan?

This type of plan is readily available throughout the United States and Europe. The most popular pay-as-you-go service, TracFone, has phones available at over 60,000 retail outlets nationwide. This makes it incredibly easy to buy phones and minutes just about anywhere you shop. Just like a regular cell phone plan, it is important to do your research before purchasing a pay-as-you-go phone and plan.