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Latest iPhone Applications

Check out the latest and most popular iPhone Apps

iPhone Applications are hugely popular, with hundreds of new apps released each week. Here are the top ten Apps to check out at the moment.

Wooden Labyrinth

Using the built in motion sensors to great effect, this game replicates hundreds of great wooden puzzles that involve guiding a metal ball around an intricate maze. A good way to pass time on the lonely commute.


If you are feeling a little undereducated in the area of English literature then this app, which contains the complete works of William Shakespeare, might be for you. Not only do you get all of his plays but you get all of his sonnets in a single app.


For those who need to tune their instruments regularly but do not always have a tuner to hand, this uses your iPhone`s mic to let you know when you are playing a bum note.

I Am T-Pain

The rapper and producer T-Pain is synonymous with the phenomenally popular auto-tuned R`n`b style that is tearing up the charts world-wide. Now iPhone owners can use this app to turn their own warbling into pitch-perfect T-Pain-isms.


An app which expands on the iPhone`s built in camera software with tons of user-friendly tweaks. Though the iPhone is not known for its photographic prowess, this app aims to somewhat even the odds.


Amongst the many fitness applications available for the iPhone this has become the most popular. This is largely due to the huge number of exercises it offers and the amount of work out data you can use it to tabulate.


If you are constantly losing track of your things or you want to clear out the loft or garage, why not use iOwn? It is the only app that lets you inventory every item that you own no matter how small or large. Also suitable for making inventories of your luggage when you go travelling.

Air Sharing

You can use the iPhone`s wireless connectivity to synchronise and communicate with other computers connected to your home network. This allows you to simply drag and drop documents and files without going through complex procedures.

Bejewelled 2

One of the most addicting puzzle games comes to the iPhone and has again found a huge audience for its simple yet satisfying mechanics.


If you like to keep your eyes on the skies then this little app will help you to make sense of what you are seeing. With hundreds of thousands of stellar objects catalogued and a full lunar calendar at your disposal you will have access to information even Patrick Moore would have trouble calling up in a hurry.

All of the above applications will cost you a small amount to download and use. However, there are many excellent iPhone apps which are completely free of charge, either used are marketing by companies or produced by bedroom programmers and shared for free. You can search the App store for both free and priced apps and download at your will. Each purchase will subtly shape the future of mobile software.