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July 23, 2008 | Comments(0)

Sony Ericsson Goes Beyond Music with the W902 Walkman Phone

The second walkman phone that Sony Ericsson released is the highly pocketable and stylish W902. This sleek looking mobile phone goes beyond music and offers up everything that mobile phone users would possibly need. Music lovers as well as mobile camera photography enthusiasts would both love the Sony Ericsson W902 phone as it both delivers high-quality images and videos as well as crisp clear music sound. The W902’s sound quality delivers richer bass performance and was even rated as “best audio experience” by the German TESTfactory. This mobile device also boasts of retro music navigation keys for skipping forward, back, playing and pausing music with a push of a button. Other features of the Sony Ericsson W902 walkman phones include; a 5 megapixel camera, scratch-resistant 2.2 QVGA screen and lens made of mineral glass, an 8GB memory stick micro for expanded storage, FM Radio, Java application support, 3D games support, USB 2.0 support, media player, shake control, trackID, your usual organizer feature and great camera which comes with a slew of nifty features. These camera features include; photo flash, up to 16x digital zoom, auto focus, image stabilizer, photo light, picture blogging, video light, video recording, video stabilizer. The Sony Ericsson W902 is a UMTS/HSDPA 2100 and GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 phone. It will be available in Volcanic Black and Wine Red color. The mobile phone is slated for release in selected markets by Q4 of 2008.

July 22, 2008 | Comments(0)

Sony Ericsson’s W302 Walkman Phone Doesn’t Compromise

Sony Ericsson has announced a new walkman phone called the W302.This 10.5mm slim phone boast of aluminum front design and is loaded with great features without a high price tag. Geared for the all types of mobile phone users, the W302 offers a mixture of mid-range and high-end features highlighted by a 2.0 megapixel camera, FM radio, TrackID and a 512MB memory stick micro which gives users ample storage for their music files. Sony Ericsson claims that the W302 is their most affordable walkman phone to date. But having a not so pricey tag doesn’t mean that Sony Ericsson has compromised on features and functionality. In fact, the W302 is a power packed walkman phone so to speak. The W302 lets users discover and experience music even while on the move. Users can play songs randomly or create their playlists. A useful feature of the W302 is its TrackID system which can tell users the songs of the current track that is playing if the users are not familiar with the songs.The W302 also features a picture blogging function which allows users to directly upload the photos they’ve taken from the W302’s camera directly to their blogs. Other features of the Sony Ericsson W302 include; Walkman player for music on the go, FM radio that works when the handsfree accessory is plugged in, a premium style and design in compact metal finish and a Bluetooth stereo. The W302 Walkman is a GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 phone. It is slated for a Q4 release and it will be available in Midnight Black and Sparkling White models. It also compatible with Sony Ericsson’s new portable speakers - MPS-100.

July 21, 2008 | Comments(0)

Motorola Brings the Adventure V750 to Verizon

Verizon has quietly made available a new Motorola phone dubbed as the Adventure V750. This new mobile phone is Verizon’s first phone to be released under its QChat push-to-talk network with the handsets EVDO Revision A support.  This new Motorola clamshell phone is a ruggedized handset which meets Military Specifications 810F standards for: shock, dust, vibration, solar radiation, altitude, high & low temperature storage, and high & low temperature operational.  It boasts of a 2 megapixel camera with self-timer, normal/antique/black&white/negative color effects, a resolution adjustment of 1600×1200, 1280×960, 640×480,320×240 or Picture ID, video capture & playback as well as its own dedicated camera/video key. It also features a full media player that features external music controls and supports the new Rhapsody subscription of Verizon and is compatible with MP3, WMA, AAC and AAC+ music formats, has an external dedicated music buttons, syncs music from PC to phone and has up to 8GB microSD for optional storage. Aside from this, the V750 also support Verizon’s V Cast Video and turn-by-turn geo-location mapping through the VZ Navigator. Other features of the Motorola V750 include; advanced speech recognition, voice commands, calculators, calendar, alarm clock, world clock, and notepad, embedded ringtones, vibrating alerts and silent mode, speakerphone with high performance audio, bilingual English/Espanol language interface, phonebook with up to 1000 entries with multiple contacts, and TTY compatibl. In addition the Motorola V750 supports the following Bluetooth profiles:  Headset, Hands−free, Dial−up Networking, Advanced Audio Distribution (Stereo), Phonebook Access, Basic Printing, Basic Imaging, Serial Port Profile, Audio/Visual Remote Control, File Transfer, Generic Audio/Visual Distribution, Audio/Visual Distribution, Audio/Visual Control Transport Protocol, and Object Push Profile for sending & receiving Contact Name Cards, Calendar Events, and other non-protected data between devices. The Motorola V750 is available for $100 minus rebate and with two-year service contract.

July 19, 2008 | Comments(0)

Top 10 Paid Apps for Your New Iphone

Couldn’t get enough of your new iPhone 3G? Have you downloaded the latest iPhone apps? Still don’t know which ones to download? Why not start with the free iPhone apps first? And after enjoying them, take a look at the not-so-expensive iPhone apps available at the iTunes. We’ve taken a look at the top paid iPhone apps currently selling like hot cakes in the iTunes Store in terms of download. Here they are, enjoy.
iBeer . Hottrix Entertainment. $2.99. Hottrix’s hilarious sight-gag application transforms your iPhone into a virtual glass of beer. It takes full advantage of the iPhone’s motion sensitive screen. Hence you can sip into your beer by tilting your iPhone, shake it to see more beer foam, and even transfer your iPhone beer into another iPhone.
Pac-Man. Namco. $9.99. Yes folks, everybody’s favourite monster-eating 80’s icon gets his own iPhone application. The same classic Pac-Man environment that we all love has been transformed into the iPhone environment. You can eat power pellets, eat those monster dots, power up by eating those fruits and you’d even get extra lives once you reached 10,000 points.
Jam. Jirbo Inc. $0.99. Though a bit on the side of kiddie stuff, Jam for iPhone can still interest us adults especially during lull times. It’s a good time waster, just by finding groups of three or more matching Jirbo heads that pops out of the grid off your iPhone. The bigger your group of Jirbo animals get, the higher your points.
Super Monkey Ball. SEGA. $9.99. We all know how good SEGA when it comes to fun, colourful and cutesy games. Super Monkey Ball for the iPhone is one of them. The object of the game is to guide a monkey encased in a ball to victory by tilting and rolling him through various courses to reach a goal line. You also get to collect bananas along the way to increase your game lives. There are five worlds to discover and 100 stages to conquer. Super Monkey Ball will transform your iPhone into a gaming machine.
Jive. Jirbo Inc. $$0.99. Jirbo’s second app for the iPhone is as hilarious as the other game, Jive. This time around you will have to form vertical or horizontal rows of three matching heads.
Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart. Vivendi Games. $9.99. Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart racing game brings back the good old Playtation One days. Our beloved mascott races through 3D racing tracks with all the explosive weapons that you can use to turn your opponent into trash and dust. If you missed playing Crash Bandicoot in the Playstation, the iPhone application might give you the fix.
Sketches. LateNiteSoft. $5.99. Sketches is a nifty application which lets you jot down your notes, scribble your thoughts, annotate your pictures with the use of your fingers. You illustrate your ideas with diagrams, notes and sketches, place shapes using the iPhone’s multi-touch gesture feature and many more cool and interesting stuff.
Bomberman Touch. Hudson Soft. $7.99. Bomberman Touch is a great game, no doubt about that. It was awarded the “Best Overall Arcade Game” and “Best Competitive Multiplayer Game” in Xbox Live Arcade Award 2007. The iPhone’s adventure game for the iPhone surely spells fun. Travel through Kaboom Temple and face the ultimate enemy. This game offers a rich-interactive environment which takes full advantage of the iPhone engine.
Texas Hold ‘Em Up. Apple Inc. $4.99. What’s good is a platform such as the iPhone if there is not card game. Well for the iPhone it’s got to come from Apple itself with the game Texas Hold ‘Em Up. This card game for the iPhone is a realistic as it could get in the actual game room. You can play against real opponents over Wi-Fi Network. It features switching between immersive first-person and top-down gameplay by rotating your iPhone. It’s got visually stunning graphics and realistic sound effects.
Spend. Adamcode. $0.99. This nifty financial management application lets you keep track of your money, and it’s a great budget tracker. It lets you create daily, weekly, monthly or yearly budgets in various categories that you define. You can also enter new expenses with the touch of your finger. It’s a stand-alone application for the iPhone, so you don’t need to be connected to the internet to use it. Spend is a simple financial management application which supports various international currencies. It’s a good application to have while doing your grocery or simply going out with your usual shopping routine.

July 18, 2008 | Comments(0)

LG Quietly Releases the KS360 Slider Phone

LG has quietly released the new sleek-looking slider mobile KS360. This mobile slider boasts of a full QWERTY keypad which users can use to write messages as quickly and as accurately as possible. Just by opening the keypad, the KS360’s large 2.4” touchscreen display would automatically rotate by 90 degrees courtesy of its accelerometer technology. The KS360 is also a highly pocketable mobile phone at just 16.8mm thin. Users would also enjoy bringing this mobile phone anywhere since it will be available in varios attractive colors including Titanium and bright blue, White and soft Pink, Black and red, Black and Silver. The LG KS360 works on GSM 900/1800/1900. Other features of the LG KS360 include; Li-Ion 800mAh battery, measures 101.5×51x16.8mm, with a 2.4” QVGA (240×320) main screen, a built-in 2MP camera, 15MB internal memory, a microSD card slot that can hold up to 4GB of storage, Bluetooth V2.0, USB 2.0, 64 polyphonic ringtones, support for various Audio codecs including MP3/AAC/AAC+/eAAC+, video codecs MPEG4/H.263, Wap 2.0 browser, support for JAVA MIDP2.0 and integrated FM radio. The KS320 also got practically all the messaging functions that you would need including SMS, MMS, IM, Email.

July 17, 2008 | Comments(0)

Samsung Rolls Outs the Candybar SGH-M150

Samsung Korea has just added a new mobile phone into its lineup with the release of the new SGH-M150. This candybar phone is a sleek and slim dual-band (900/1800MHz) GSM that is geared for day-to-day use. The SGH-M150 cameraboasts of a built-in VGA camera, a large 1.77. 65K color TFT display for viewing photos, videos and text messages in crisp image quality. This mobile phone features an advanced messaging capabilities that support SMS and MMS as well as email. It also features handsfree speakers, Bluetooth and an integrated speakerphone. Aside from this, the SGH M-150 also has built-in muci player and an FM radio. Other features and specs of the SGH-M150 includes GPRS support, video playback and capture,20MB internal memory and USB 2.0.For its multimedia features, the SGH-M150 supports polyphonic melodies, MMS, screen saver, Java support, radio, mp3 player, and MP3/WMA/AMR file support. The SGH-M150 provides up to 5 hour talk time and 250 hours standby time.

July 15, 2008 | Comments(0)

Samsung SGH-B200 Features Fuss-Free Functionality

If the barrage of new mobile phone releases featuring high-end functionality is turning you off and living you more confused on which mobile to get, you might want to get a simple basic phone instead. If you.re looking for this kind of basic phone, you might want to give the Samsung SGH-B200 a closer look. To sum up its features, the Samsung SGH-B200 helps you reminisce times when things are still uncomplicated. This mobile phone is a perfect little machine that delivers easy mobile experience. As simple as this mobile phone is,the SGH-B200 touts just four main features which are essential nonetheless. These features include, an FM radio and a speakerphone which enables you to do other things while answering a call. It also features a longer battery life with its 1000mAH battery and a mobile tracker which automatically sends SMS to pre-designated number when your SIM card is changed. This would increase your chances of recovering your mobile phone. Other features and specs of the Samsung SGH-B200 include; 900/1800 network band support, GPRS, JAVA Applications and games, a 1.52-inch CSTN display (128128), 64 polyphonic ringtones, S20 input device, 5.5 internal phone memory which can hold up to 200+ SMS messages and 500 phonebook entries, support for PC synchronization, 9 hours talktime and 255 hours standby time.

July 14, 2008 | Comments(0)

Sprint Releases the Palm Treo 800W

Hot on the heels of the iPhone 3G launched, Sprint has just made available the latest Palm Treo handset in its inventory - the Palm Treo 800W. This new smartphone runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional OS and is geared fro the more professional business users.The Palm Treo 800W runs on Sprint’s Mobile Broadband Network with support for EV-DO Rev. A data speeds. Thus ensuring business professionals faster and more reliable connectivity to the internet even while on the move.Aside from this fast data connection, the Palm Treo 800W also features WiFi and GPS capabilities. The Palm Treo also gives users up-to-date email, contacts, calendar and productivity application access through its direct connection to Microsoft Exchange. It’s like having your laptop in the palm of your hand. Other features of the Palm Treo800w include; a full QERTY keyboard with five-way navigation and one-touch buttons to most used applications,320×320 pixel transflective color TFT touchscreen, supports 16-bit color (65K colors, Qualcomm MSM6800A chipset supporting EvDO Rev A and mobile receive diversit,  802.11b/g, 802.1x (EAP-PEAP, EAP-TLS and EAP-TTLS) Wi-Fi, Built-in GPS (standalone and assisted); Sprint Navigation; GPS-powered local search, maps, and navigation from the Today screen, 256MB user memory (approximately 170MB available user memory), 128MB program memor, 2.0 megapixels (1280×1024) with 2x digital zoom and video capture, and microSD/microSDHC cards (up to 8GB supported. The Palm Treo is available now for $249.99 after discounts and mail-in rebates with a two year service contract.

July 12, 2008 | Comments(0)

iPhone 3G Weekend Special

We interrupt our regular programming to pay homage to the most popular mobile phone ever released. We’re referring of course to Apple’s phenomenal mobile phone – the iPhone 3G. The second generation iPhone has been met by tremendous amount of hype over the past couple of months. All the rumors we’ve heard about and have been circulating have been fulfilled and put to an end, now that thousands of iPhone fanboys and fangirls worldwide have their beloved mobile toy with them. Some even went to the extent of camping out as early as Monday at the Apple Store in New York, AT&T, Softbank in Japan, Rogers in Canada, in New Zealand and many other countries where the iPhone was simultaneously launched. So, here’s our own piece on the new iPhone 3G.
What do you get? We’ve all heard and read about the iPhone specs, details and features. We know that it’s most important feature which was not in the original iPhone and which was the most sought after feature is the 3G connectivity. Early buyers and reviewers say that with a good location, the 3G-enabled browsing using the new iPhone is decently fast. Aside from the its 3G feature, the iPhone 3G is also loaded with some other useful features including; GPS mapping, Microsoft Exchange support, new Apps Store , better email management, better and faster internet browsing. The iPhone is three products rolled into one device – a revolutionary phone, a widescreen iPod and an internet device with full-featured HTML email and desktop-class web browser.
The Package cost. Another most important factor that was the talk of the town for the past couple of months is the price tag that Apple and its distributors would put on the new iPhone. Fortunately, Apple allowed AT&T’s proposal to make the iPhone as affordable as possible by subsidizing its cost from Apple. And so news broke out that the iPhone will be offered for $199 with the corresponding service contract agreement with AT&T. Later on, AT&T also announced that the iPhone will be made available free of the 2-year service contract agreement, although at a higher price of $599. Other countries are selling the iPhone at varying prices. Rogers of Canada was even put into the limelight when it announced that it will be offering the iPhone at an extremely high price with an unreasonable service agreement. In Hong Kong, the iPhone 3G was being offered for $1 dollar with the corresponding mobile plan. But of course, price will not matter for iPhone fanatics. And price has become pretty irrelevant.
The First Owners. Those who have been camping out outside of the different Apple Stores worldwide finally got their much desired handset and became part of the iPhone history as the first owners of the iPhone 3G. Engadget Mobile went as far as New Zealand to find out who are the first 10 iPhone 3G owners since their time zone is way ahead of the US release time. The first owners were Jonny Gladwell, Evert Bryuns, Annie Ryan, Luke Soules, John Ballinger, Brian Foose, Steve Simms, Ben Lilley, James MacFarlane and Khai Thay.
iPhone Apps Store. A few hours after the iPhone 3G was released, a slew of other iPhone related services opened up more particularly the Apple Apps store. And iPhone fanatics were greeted with new applications which were just waiting to be downloaded. Some are being offered as free applications while some are priced although relatively cheap. Almost all possible mobile applications that you can think of started to appear on the iTunes apps store. Even Google has announced its own Google Mobile App for the iPhone. Top social networking sites, MySpace and Facebook also released their own native iPhone applications.
What’s next after this hype? We expect more hype and buzz until a couple more weeks. Some are just starting to enjoy their newly bought device. Some tech journalists are starting to come up with their reviews of the new iPhone a few hours after they have played around with their iPhones. Tech bloggers and writers are outwitting each other trying to come up with the most fun-filled, engaging and exciting reviews that would solicit more page views, search hits, and back links. There’s no doubt that the iPhone is the most popular mobile device ever released. Apple has done a great job of marketing and advertising their mobile toy. And so now, they are enjoying the fruits of their labor. We can only thank one man for giving us this wonderful device, despite its flaws and limitation. On with the iPhone fever folks!

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