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Cell Phones and Planes: A bad mix?

Submitted By: Arnie Jacobsen

If you have spent anytime flying you are aware that the use of cell phones on planes has been taboo. The reason given is that aviation authorities are concerned that cell phone transmissions will somehow interfere with the proper operation of the airplane. The question has always been though, do cell phones really cause a disruption. "...Many (including pilots) ... question whether a genuine problem exists," the FAA says in a cell phone safety study. There have only been a few reported incidents of mobile cell phone radiation, and these were very minor like setting off a smoke detector in a baggage compartment.

Well, now that stance is changing, at least when it comes to the British Civil Aviation Authority. Recently the CAA changed the rules recently to allow wireless communications devices on airplanes.

This decision has been made as a result of an option on many phones called "flight mode" which disables the radio portion of the phone. As a result, passenger are allowed to use their phones much as they do their game boys, computers and other such devices.

In fact, in a few years, many of the world's airlines will be offering cellular service and wireless internet on their flights. So those that worry about cell phone use on planes, may need to get over it in rather short order.

And, just like other places in the world, we all will be putting up with people sharing intimate details of their lives with the rest of us. Progress marches on for better or for worse.

About The Author

Arnie Jacobsen is an educator, entreprenuer, and freelance writer in the field of consumer products relating to cell phones and service and cellular accessories.

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