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Cell phone donation programs

Each year, many people donate items, money, and time to help others, as well as themselves. When most people think of donations, they think of the Salvation Army or other similar organizations. This is because they are not familiar with other donation programs.

Currently, there are many different programs which allow people to donate automobiles, computers, cell phones, and other products. All of these programs are important because they allow people who are underprivileged, or in need, to have access to products that they cannot afford to buy. Additionally, the person donating the product can feel good because they are helping someone out.

While all donations are important, cell phone donation/recycling programs might make the biggest difference. The cell phones which are collected are refurbished and handed out to women who have been victims of domestic abuse. With the donated cell phones, these women are able to immediately call for help if they ever need it.

Many people, perhaps those reading this, have old cell phones laying around that are of no use to them. These are the cell phones that have the potential to save another person’s life. If you have an old phone, be sure to check the internet or a local phonebook to find a donation/recycling program in your area or give your old phones to one of our favorite programs below.

- Wireless Recycling
- Cell Phones for Soldiers

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