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Free Cell Phones


Free cellular phone deals are abundant today. This is due to the aggressive marketing campaigns that cell phone companies are using to attract new customers. Very seldom do customers expect to pay full price for a new cellular phone.

Are Free Cell Phones Actually Free?

The only catch with free cellular phones is that many are not free until the customer sends in the mail-in rebate form. So the customer pays the upfront cost for the wireless phone and then receives that amount back if the rebate form is sent in. Because this is a hassle, many people never send in the rebate form. The only way to avoid all the hassle is to purchase a cell phone that has an instant rebate.

A free cellular phone is not actually free if you look at the other costs of getting the wireless phone. For example, most service providers will charge an additional amount to activate the cell phone. This can cost anywhere from $25 up to $50 depending on the service provider. Additionally, when you receive your first bill you will notice all of the fees that are attached to the cell phone plan. These include state and local taxes, 911 fees, and other outlandish fees.

So, in the end, a free cellular phone is not actually free. Be sure to shop around to find a service provider with a low activation fee. Additionally, don't be afraid to ask questions about the additional fees you will be paying on your free cellular phone. And don't forget to mail in the rebate form for your wireless phone if you don't get a cell phone that has an instant rebate.

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