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Transfer your home phone number!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has laid out new rules about home phone number transfers and cell phones. On November 24, 2003 you will be allowed to transfer an existing cell phone number to another cell phone service provider. Additionally, the new rules laid out by the FCC will allow you to transfer your home phone number to your cell phone.

The home phone number transfers will go into effect in the 100 largest markets in the country on November 24, 2003. In other markets, the landline providers will have an additional six months to comply with the new home phone number transfers rules.

These new rules will likely increase the competition between landline and cell phone providers. This is good for the consumer and bad for the carriers. With the increased competition between the various carriers, the price of the services that they provide should decrease.

The new rules laid out by the FCC have already come under scrutiny by some organizations. One such organization is the United States Telecom Association ‹USTA›, which represents many local phone companies. The USTA has filed a lawsuit that says these new rules are not fair to the consumer. They claim that consumers can transfer a home phone number to a cell phone but they can’t transfer a cell phone number to a home phone. This is an expected stance from a representative of local phone companies since many local landline companies have seen subscriptions to their services decrease in the past year.

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