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You can keep your cell phone number!

Many people these days use their cell phone as their primary phone, whether it is for business or to replace a landline. Because of this, many people know their cell phone number. This is, as many people know, the factor which keeps many customers from switching wireless companies. However, things are about to change.

On November 24, 2003 cell phone service providers will be required to allow customers to transfer their cell phone numbers to different carriers. This will make it easier for everybody, except the carriers themselves. Business people, and everyone else alike, will not have to change business cards or send out a mass email to everybody who has their cell phone number. Although carriers are only required to allow the transfer of cell phone numbers, Verizon is taking it one step further. Verizon will allow customers to transfer their home numbers to their cell phones as well.

This is clearly a move that is good for the customer in many respects. First, customers will not have to inform everybody of a new cell phone number each time they switch to a new wireless carrier. Second, the prices of available plans will decrease as carriers do what they can to keep customers. Lastly, the plans will become more attractive to entice consumers to go with one carrier over another.