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Push To Talk (PTT) Technology


As kids, most of us used two-way radios to talk to friends. With the new popularity of Push-To-Talk (PTT) technology we may, once again, use two-way radio-like features on our cell phones to communicate with others. With the increased exposure and popularity of PTT, many wireless companies are starting to offer the new service.

PTT is not a new technology. The service provider NEXTEL has provided a two-way radio feature to its customers for years. Initially, the technology was mainly used in factories and the construction industry where making individual phone calls was not quick enough or cost-efficient. The first phones to offer this service were produced by Motorola using iDEN technology. These phones were often unattractive and large.

With the increased popularity of PTT service, many of the top service providers are planning to change their networks to support PTT technology. Additionally, cell phone manufacturers are starting to develop new phones that offer PTT features. For example, Motorola developed one of the first PTT compliant phones, the V60p.

PTT enabled phones are very simple to use. The user simply selects a person to talk to from a list and then presses a talk button on the side of the phone to talk to anothe the other person. When the other person receives the message they can respond quickly. The only difference from a regular cell phone conversation is that the users can not both talk at the same time.

The future of PTT looks promising. It seems that as new technologies come along people want them to be faster, more feature rich, and easier to use. PTT seems to be all of these things. At the push of a button a person can, almost instantaneously, contact another person. What could be easier than that? With the commitment of most major phone manufacturers to produce PTT enabled phones, it seems that this technology may be the next big thing among cell phone users.

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