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Number Transfer Problems

Almost two weeks ago the new number transfer rule went into affect. Since then, many people have reported that they have experienced many problems with transferring their number from one carrier to another.

While all carriers have been experiencing problems, AT&T seems to be having the most problems. In an attempt to force AT&T to get their act together the FCC sent them a letter saying that they were watching. Additionally, they told AT&T that there would be an investigation if they thought it was needed.

AT&T is not only having problem transferring numbers to other carriers, but they are also having problems transferring new members to their service. It has been estimated that up to 60 percent of all customers switching their carriers are experiencing problems.

This problem still exists as the entire nation is now allowed to transfer their cell phone numbers to a new carrier. While not as bad as it was, the number transfer problem is still creating headaches for some.

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