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Is your cell phone plan right for you?


This is a question you should be asking yourself. Take a look at your past bills and see how you have been using your phone. Do you make most of your calls at night or on the weekends? Or do you make most of your calls during peak hours?

If you find that you are using the phone at night or on the weekends and not during the day, then a plan that has a lot of daytime minutes is most likely not right for you. If this is the situation you are in then it is time to give your cell phone service provider a call. Most service providers will allow you to switch plans, even if you have a 1 or 2 year contract.

Remember that when you talk to somebody about switching plans you should do it in a tactful manner. Don't barge into the store and start telling them how they are screwing you over. With this demeanor the sales representatives will be less inclined to help you. They will simply remind you that you signed a contract.

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