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Choosing the best cell phone for your needs is important

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Choosing a cell phone that fits your needs can be a difficult process. Handsets vary widely - the choices stretch across a wide spectrum from no-frills phones to feature-rich technological marvels. In the end, the choice is a personal one. You'll need to decide which phone offers you the blend of features, functionality and style you need.

If you decide to purchase your next cell phone directly from a carrier, be sure to try the phone to make sure it's going to work for you. Be sure to ask questions if you're not sure about a phone or a feature. Furthermore, it's hard for a salesperson to know everything about every cell phone, so ask another associate if you have to. Remember, you are in the contract for two years so it could be some time before you get a new phone. Get the phone that is going to work best for you.

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What About Style?

Ultimately, whether you need a flip phone or candy bar-style cell phone is for you to decide. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Flip phones work well for those who like to carry the phone in a purse or pocket. The fact that the buttons are covered when the phone is closed prevents accidentally dialed calls. Candy bar-style phones don't close, but they are usually smaller in size. A lot of people find that they like these phones a little better.

When choosing which phone suits you best, you also need to consider design issues. Design issues focus primarily on button placement, screen size, and text size. A cell phone with bigger buttons might work better for those with larger hands. Also to be considered are the screen and text size. Those with visual impairments might want to opt for a phone that is easier to read.

Features Abound

As if choosing a style isn't tough enough. Choosing the features you want can be equally as difficult. Will you be using your cell phone only in emergency situations or only while traveling? If so, go for a phone that is functional with a few less features. However, if you're a cell phone power user - emails, sms, mms, Internet surfing, pictures, videos, etc - go for a cell phone with more advanved features. Generally, you don't want to overbuy when it comes to features. Doing so will just cost you more money.

Stand the Test of Time

Replacing your landline with a cell phone? Then you're going to need a phone with a battery that can support many hours of talking. If you're going to talk a lot, then you'll probably want a phone that has good voice quality. Doing your research before you get into a store can save you time and money in the long run. Check out our cell phone comparisons for more information.

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