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Ericsson Phones

Ericsson has a complete line of camera phones. Their cell phones have many cutting-edge features that users want. You can't go wrong with an Ericsson cell phone.

Ericsson T68 Cell Phone Review

Ericsson T68

The Ericsson T68i cell phone is a high-end phone with many great features. The T68i has a large and bright color screen, and a well laid out key pad. Additionally, the phone has come down in price since its introduction. Because of this the phone is not one usually considered by an average user.

Ericsson T610 Cell Phone Review

Ericsson T610

The Ericsson T610 cell phone is the successor of the Ericsson T68i. The phone has all the great features of the T68i and remains the same size as its predecessor. One of the great new features of the T610 is the built in digital camera. This is a great phone.

Ericsson T61LX Cell Phone Review

Ericsson T61LX

The Ericsson T61LX cell phone is a relatively large phone that is now quite old and outdated when compared to other phones. The phone is a great phone for those who are not bothered by the looks of a phone. The phone operates on the TDMA network.

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