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Motorola Cell Phones

Motorola cell phones tend to be stylish and innovative. With sleek designs and easy to use features, Motorola makes some of the most popular mobile phones available.

Motorola Krzr k1m Review

Motorola Krzr K1m

The Motorola Krzr K1m is a beautiful cell phone based on the design of it's predecessor the Motorola Razr. It's a bit narrower - 10mm - than the Razr, but it's every bit as fashionable and functional. The updated design includes cool new hidden touch controls on the faceplate. It's design and features make the Krzr one of the sleekest phones available.

Motorola Razr V3 Review

Motorola Razr V3

The Motorola Razr V3 is a venerable cell phone with many sought after features. Since it's introduction, the Razr has been the talk of the cell phone world. It is one of the thinnest phones available today. It's a cell phone that has that little bit extra. Available in many colors, you're sure to find a Razr V3 that matches your taste.

Motorola V60 Review

Motorola V60

The Motorola V60 cell phone is a high-end phone with many great features. The V60 has a large and bright color screen, and a well laid out key pad. Additionally, the phone has come down in price since its introduction.

Motorola V66 Review

Motorola V66

The Motorola V66 cell phone is the successor of the Ericsson T68i. The phone has all the great features of the T68i and remains the same size as its predecessor. While this phone is now outdated, it was one of the nicest phones available when it was released.

Motorola V70 Review

Motorola V70

The Motorola V70 cell phone is a relatively large phone that is now quite old and outdated when compared to other phones. The phone operates on the TDMA network. For those who are not bothered by the looks of a phone, this is a nice phone.

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