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Nokia Phones

Nokia cell phones are easy-to-use and built-to-last. Nokia was originally known for their 'bar' phones, but lately they have come out with some very attractive flip phones.

Nokia 3360 Cell Phone Review

Nokia 3360

The Nokia 3360 cell phone is a lower-end phone with some nice features. The 3390 has downloadable ringtones, reminders, and programmable alarms. With the infrared port two players can play the built in games against each other. The phone is reasonably priced for the features that it has.

Nokia 3390 Cell Phone Review

Nokia 3390

The Nokia 3390 cell phone is targetted toward a younger audience. Because of this, the phone is less expensive and offers fewer features than other entry level phones. However, with a vibrating ringer and voice dialing the phone can be enjoyed by an older crowd that doesn't need all the features of a high-end phone.

Nokia 3560 Cell Phone Review

Nokia 3560

The Nokia 3560 cell phone was on of the first phones to have a color screen. However, compared to newer phones the screen is not as sharp. The 3560 is a great entry level phone that is often included free in many plans.

Nokia 3650 Cell Phone Review

Nokia 3650

The Nokia 3650 cell phone is a rather large phone with features that many will appreciate. The most noteable feature is the built-in digital camera. When pictures are taken they can be uploaded via the built-in infrared or bluetooth. Overall, this is a great phone with a bright screen.

Nokia 7210 Cell Phone Review

Nokia 7210

The Nokia 7210 cell phone is a feature rich phone with an odd key pad. Unless you send a lot of text messages, the key pad should pose too much of a problem. Users of this phone can download ringtones and applications.

Nokia 8265 Cell Phone Review

Nokia 8265

The Nokia 8265 cell phone is a relatively large phone that is now quite old and outdated when compared to other phones. The phone is a great phone for those who are not bothered by the looks of a phone. The phone operates on the TDMA network.

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