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Cell Phone Plans

Save money on the cell phone plan of your choice

Before you sign a contract or get yourself into a two-year contract, you need to decide how much your going to use your cell phone. This is important because all cell phone plans are based on usage. Simply put, the more minutes you require, the more you're going to pay for your wireless plan. Go over your given minutes and chances are, you'll be hit with expensive fees. Typically, plans vary - from 300 to 5,000 minutes per month.

Okay, so there's a bit more to choosing a cell phone plan than that. You also need to decide when you'll be usinng your phone the most. Will most of your calls be placed during peak hours - generally M-F between 7am and 9pm, or will they be later at night or on the weekends? Most cell phone service providers offer free calls on nights, weekends and holidays. Most are also offering free in-network calls. Unlike your home phone, incoming calls also use up your allotted monthly minutes.

It's always better to get a plan that has more minutes than you think you'll need. Doing so will save you from incurring a bunch of overage charges. However, if you underestimae your usage, you can always upgrade your plan to one with more minutes. Keep in mind, that while most service providers have no problem upgrading your account, most will push your contract back to the date the new plan was started.

To find out more about today's most popular cell phone plans, choose the plan you're interested in below.

Choose a Plan

Unlimited Minutes

Unlimited minutes give you the freedom to talk without going over.


Talk to friends in your network for free.

Prepaid Minutes

Pay for the minutes ahead of time to avoid unexpected charges later.

Rollover Minutes

Keep your unused minutes each month and save some money.